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Digital Production Example Library

A library of digital assets – 3D scenes, digital cinema footage, etc. – that demonstrate the scale and complexity of modern feature film production, including computer graphics, visual effects and animation. Curated by the Academy Software Foundation, these assets are available free of charge to researchers and developers of both open source and commercial projects, to test, demonstrate, and inspire their ideas. See our license template.


Get Involved

If you are interested in helping to develop DPEL, you can find us on Slack at #assets, or on our mailing list. If your studio or company has production-strength data that they might be willing to contribute, we’d love to hear from you; please consider filling out our Asset Contribution Form. The DPEL steering committee meets every other Tuesday, members and non-members of the ASWF are welcome to attend.

Other Assets


ASC StEM2 - Standard
Evaluation Material 2

A short film designed to be used as both reference material and stress testing for color pipelines, image processing, and projection systems. Supplied in a range of image formats including high dynamic range (HDR), high resolution, and wide color gamut. For more information, visit the ASC StEM2 website.


Animal Logic ALab –
USD Production Scene

A full production scene with over 300 assets and two characters, with looping animation in the first open-sourced USD scene and shot context from a studio. Supplied as three separate downloads: the full production scene, high-quality textures, and baked procedural fur and fabric for the animated characters. For more information, visit the Animal Logic ALab website.


AWS Noa Character

A complete animatable main character, with rig, geometry, textures, and hair groom, represented in Maya. Noa is the hero of the short film Spanner, created by AWS’s in-house production team FuzzyPixel.


Intel® Volumetric
Clouds Library

A collection of 30 VDB cloud assets, including both dense and sparse clouds, at resolutions ranging from quite small (< 1 MB) to quite large (> 8 GB).


Coming Soon

More coming soon. Watch this space!