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Intel® Volumetric Clouds Library

A collection of 30 VDB cloud assets: 5 different clouds, each in a dense version and a sparse version, and each of these at 3 different resolutions. The resolutions range from the very small (<1MB) for quick testing, through medium for typical film asset size, to the relatively large (>8GB) for scalability testing.

Downloadable Packages:

By downloading any of these files, you agree to the terms of the license linked below.

ASWF Asset License

For large downloads, it is recommended to use a command-line tool such as wget or curl. In most browsers, you can right-mouse on the download link to copy the URL. Then open a Command or Terminal window, and run the command wget <URL>, or curl -L -O <URL>, where <URL> is replaced with the download link.  To resume an interrupted download, try wget -c <URL> or curl -L -O -C – <URL>.

DOWNLOAD34.4 GB (38.1 GB unpacked)All the clouds. 30 VDB files.
DOWNLOAD27.7 GB (30.7 GB unpacked)The dense clouds, at all 3 sizes. 15 VDB files.
DOWNLOAD6.63 GB (7.40 GB unpacked)The sparse clouds, at all 3 sizes. 15 VDB files.
DOWNLOAD33.8 GB (37.4 GB unpacked)The clouds at a large resolution. 10 VDB files.
DOWNLOAD534 MB (650 MB unpacked)The clouds at a medium resolution. 10 VDB files.
DOWNLOAD10.1 MB (14.1 MB unpacked)The clouds at a small resolution. 10 VDB files.