Animating and Rendering Noa

Animate Noa

  • (Optional) Reference the rig file into an animation file.
  • Create a performance with the rig.
  • Bake out an alembic cache for the character.

Render the Animation

  • Create a copy of the look file.
    • Choose which look file you'd like to use: the version with Yeti hair, or the version without Yeti hair.
  • Update the alembic reference to point at the animation export you did earlier.
    • Go to File Reference Editor
    • Right mouse click on the reference called noaRN
    • Choose Reference Replace Reference
    • Navigate to your animation alembic export.
  • Add lights to the file and render with Arnold.


Created by FuzzyPixel, an AWS Creative Team

Original Character Design: Pierre Perifel

Character Model, Surfacing and Groom: Cris Fudge

Character Rig: Nico Sanghrajka